Sunday, 21 December 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

My Amaryllis is flowering right on time from its planting time. Started opening the first bud at the first of this week.
It has 5 buds. The blossoms are 6 inches across, each bloom is matching that size.
It has slowly opened over the last 5 days.
It has grown so tall I can't place it on the dining table , hits the chandelier.

So the amaryllis is in the living room where I get to enjoy watching the spectacular buds open.
Well worth the small amount of money paid for the beauty I see.
Wonder if I can keep this over for another Christmas?
Will try.


Rosanne said...

The amaryllis looks really pretty, how great that it bloomed on time!

Like your chandelier too!

Aiyana said...

Your Amarylis is such a beautiful color, and has more blooms than most I've tried in the past. I agree that these plants are one of the best buys at Christmas time. I also pick a few up after Christmas for sometimes as little as 10 cents, and then I'll have blooms for a few more weeks. Although I've never saved the bulbs for a second go-around, I understand it's very easy to do.
Thanks for letting me know you are a regular GTS participant. I appreciate your visits to my blog.
Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!