Sunday, 7 December 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Do you think it will flower by Christmas?


Mary said...


Love your Armaryllis. What colour is it going to be? Please be sure to post a photo when it blooms.

I have never had one, but Mom gives my sister one each year. She is marvelous at making them bloom just in time for Christmas.

Thanks for your comments on the political issue. They sure can waste a lot of time and many taxpayers dollars.

Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I have actually never seen one before. I wonder what color it will be? Maybe something that lends itself to the wintery look you have going on through the window! Lucky you! I have the windows open today! Stupid Oklahoma. LOL

Rosanne said...

I think it will bloom for Christmas!

kml said...

I have had a couple of these over the years. Have you ever been successful in having them rebloom the following year? I have tried - no luck.

I don't know about Christmas - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Look forward to seeing it in bloom.

Sue said...

I haven't tried bulbs inside for a long time. Your stem is nice and straight, so it must be getting enough sun! I hope it opens soon for you!