Monday, 17 November 2008

New Guitars

Grandson Brock just got his new left handed guitar.This was a birthday present to Brock from Mom and Dad. Brock has been taking lessons for a little while.This guitar is a lefty Epiphone.

Grandson Brayden got his first guitar , an acoustic. Brayden paid for it with his own money.Way to go Brayden!
I have been told there will be a guitar Christmas Carols serenade on Christmas Day which will be held at Sherry's home this year. Looking forward to that.
Not that I am bragging, okay maybe a little bit, but all my grandchildren are talented musically. Both granddaughters play the piano.
What a joy it is to see them enriching their lives learning music.
Kudos to the parents for encouraging them.


Rosanne said...

They look very proud of their guitars!

Sherry said...

They are very proud & can now jam together & have a great time - will have to get all our musicians together at Christmas for a concert!
Have to find a portable keyboard for the girls!