Thursday, 6 November 2008

Design question? Cover or not cover!

The sidelight beside the front door was a problem for me, wondering how to cover it or even should I cover it.
Deciding to cover it was an easy decision after I came home one evening, now that it is dark early and found I could see from the front door right thru to the back, standing on the street.
Measured the sidelight 9 1/2 inches wide 59 inches long.
Off to many, many stores I went to find a rod and sheer.
One would think a fairly easy thing to find after all so many homes have this feature.
Several stores later I came to the conclusion that I would not find exactly what I wanted unless I had a special order done or had a blind. Did not want a blind. Found the rod and a single panel that I had to shorten. The panel sheer is about 4 times the width of the sidelight so there is no problem of anyone seeing in it anymore.
Here is the door from the front.

Interior shots

My question now is do I cover the door glass?
I will always keep a seasonal wreath on it and just walking or driving by one can't see in. I like the light in the foyer and was surprised much the light decreased having the sheer covering the sidelight.


Rosanne said...

Well, my idea is(and I don't know how much this would cost) would be to replace the glass or some of them with frosted/designed glass or maybe even stained glass(hasn't that been done somewhere else you lived, lol!)

Lythrum said...

We bought some film to put on our door window and other windows. You can get some with patterns on it, shaded or reflective. Some of it peels right off if you want to remove it and some doesn't so you have to think on what you want. My main concern was that I didn't want to drill or screw into the door itself.

Shady Gardener said...

I like your curtain. I'm sure it does cut back on the light. I need to do this, also. :-)