Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Posting on my blog

My sister Donna was complaining that before I retired I posted more items on my blog.
Never one to miss a challenge I have for the last week
tried to find something to blog about every day.
Let me tell you, it is tough to find something interesting to post.
Not that retirement isn't great; but oh my, to lose that structure to one's daily life is hard.
I am a creature of routine. Some would say set in my ways.
So today's post, one of the things I do in retirement is swim at the clubhouse
every other day. I love it. One of the perks of retirement.
Salt water pool
Already on these cool autumn day love the
Hot tub , yes those are my toes!
So Donna , hope this makes up for the lack of posts, thinking I will post more on the excitement/ joys of my new found freedom from workday grind.


Anonymous said...

Yes I am glad to see more posts on your Blog, keep it up, Ilove to come and see whats it's like to be retired!!LOL
Rest up for our shopping!!

Rosanne said...

Cute toes!


I love visiting your blog and catching up with what you are doing in your retirement. This looks great Rosemary, oh and where's the rest of your body!! your pool looks fab, lucky you. Enjoy today hun Linda x