Sunday, 26 October 2008

Orchids and Xmas Cactus/Green Thumb Sunday

Update on my Christmas Cactus which is now if full bloom. A lovely fuchsia pink it adds a nice cheery look to rather gloomy, very windy and rainy weekend.
The weather forecasters are mentioning the four letter word starting with S for Tuesday. Way too early for that in this part of the country.
Oh, I forgot I do live in Canada.

My 2 orchids are doing well, so far .
Raising orchids is new to me. I have left the Phalaenopsis orchids in the original pots and media. One orchid is in bark , it is the healthiest one, the other in spagnham moss, it is the one that had its partner die and has the white cottony dots on it.
This orchid that I was given from work to save; has new buds coming but it had contained 2 orchids plants, one did die, it rotted. The stronger tall one is putting on new blossoms but has a white cottony dots on it .
In the picture you can just see behind the largest bud a bit of the white cottony dots. I will have to do some research to find out what is the problem.
Right from the beginning the leaves on this orchid have been dull and blotchy. Certainly not the healthiest specimen.I hate to see plants die so if it is possible will try to get this plant to come back. One thing I will be doing is changing from the moss to orchid bark and take Q-tip with a bit of alcohol to see if I can clean up this orchid.
The oldest one is now putting on new shoots.The leaves on this orchid are shiny and bright green.
There is a new shoot starting at the top of the old branch and one starting at the base of the leaves. I can hardly wait to see the progress.


Jean said...

The color of your Christmas cactus is wonderful! Another great find in your colors! Cute towels. Jean

Lythrum said...

Good luck with your orchid. :) I mean to retry them one of these days when I have more time. I had one and killed it when I repotted it. Love the Christmas cactus. :)

Crafty Gardener said...

Your Christmas cactus is in full bloom already. Mine is just starting to get the buds.
Good luck with that orchid.

Shady Gardener said...

I'm glad you posted your cactus photo! It's beautiful!!! (My second one is that color, but it doesn't have many buds yet.) I think those "white dots" on your orchid spell trouble. I don't think I'd let the plant hang out very near my other ones until I'd taken care of that situation!! Good luck!

Laura said...

Your cactus is beautiful. I left my two out in the sun/heat too long earlier in the year and they almost died. I'm still trying to get them back to good health. (visiting from GTS)

kml said...

The cactus is gorgeous - a bright splash of color - and a bud on just about every branch. Quite a show!

Hope you will keep us updated with the orchid. Good luck with those dots.

Rosanne said...

It does have a bud!Cool!

Kim and Victoria said...

Your Christmas cactus is very pretty! Mine blooms occasionally. When it feels like it.