Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fall is here

Yes, here is southwestern Ontario, the temperatures are slowly declining , highs in the daytime of 23, night time about 13. Trees are slowly changing colours. This area has gone through a whole week with out rain. It has been so rainy this summer and spring. Forecast for next week , Rain!
Time to cozy up the house and decorate
for Autumn and Halloween.
Candy jar filled to the top for the "grandchildren "of course!Notice the fanciful salt and pepper, table runners I have had for years and use every fall.

Happy face on the front door

Zelda the witch . a ceramic light I made years ago but still love.
Lovely Autumn bowl , have to fill yet with flower arrangement , cute new salt and pepper set to match bowl.

Pumpkin candles

Fitz and Floyd dishes , love their whimsy.

A little vignette on tray in living room another old pumpkin had for years and a new piece I was given an acorn candle holder.
I am surprised at how many Autumn pieces I have sprinkled around the house.
Do you do the same?


Rosanne said...

Your autumn decorating looks really nice!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love, LOVE all your Autumn stuff. It all glows with the warmth of the season.

Now, tell on EARTH did you make Zelda?!!! That is awesome, and I love to collect witches for the Halloween season, as you'll see if you check out my blog posts this month. LOL I just started taking out some of the things to get ready to decorate.

Have a super day...your weather sounds terrific. Here in the south Texas Coast it's nearing mid 80s right now.

Mary said...

Oh, I love your autumn decor, especially Zelda. How did you make her. She is delightful.

Autumn decor brings such warmth and color into our homes. You've done a beautiful job.


Aiyana said...

I'm still waiting patiently for fall! The temps are still over 100, but I'm hoping that will change within a couple of weeks. I've never been one to decorated for the holidays, but over my life, autumn is the exception. I love Halloween decorations, and make a lot of Halloween art for some reason. My sis says kiddingly it's because I'm witchy!

Angie said...

Could you send some of your rain my way? I can't tell you the last time it rained. Everything looks dry and dusty.

Lythrum said...

I love fall, but I haven't ever been much of one to decorate the house for holidays. Of course that is going to change soon with my little girl growing up. I figure it won't be long before witches start flying around my house too. :)

kml said...

It has been pretty rainy here the last few days too. The leaves are about all changed and will soon be falling.

I love the little pumpkins in front of the mirror. So pretty!

Have a good week!

Ginni Dee said...

I need to get all my fall and Halloween decorations out....your's look so cute!!

Jean said...

Looks like you're all ready! Great decorations! Jean

Kim and Victoria said...

Love all your autumn pieces. Especially like the salt and pepper.
I need to get my decorations out.