Sunday, 27 July 2008

Green Thumb Sunday Etc!

The Last Box Is Unpacked!

Yes indeed that one big job is finally finished.If I never see another moving box it
will be too soon.
Still we got moved into our new house without any major issues , nothing broken or missing.
Can I find everything ? Nope not yet, but I am getting there.
Organization will still take some time.
We have grass and a tree.The sod was laid the first week in July and with the rainy summer weather this part of southwestern Ontario is getting haven't had to water since that first week. See how green it is.

No driveway yet , this week I am told but I was told that last week too.
Still the front is better than the backyard.
The fall will be the time for patio and sodding.
In the Autumn I hope to get the front landscaped and at least a few favourite plants in and maybe a tulip or 2.
Still in the meantime I have my planters to baby .We are able to sit on the front porch chat to the very friendly neighbours and enjoy our green scape.
For mid July they are lush and full, needing lots of food and water. We admire the Emerald Queen maple tree which
I think is going to end up too big for my tiny yard but it is a tree!
Speaking of which I best get my watering can out and do that job.


Rosanne said...

The grass and tree as well as your planters look very healthy!

Hendria said...

Lovely home.....Moving is not a lot of fun. :)

Aiyana said...

I bet the addition of the potted flowers made your new house feel more like home. I don't envy your unpacking duty!

Kim and Victoria said...

Your house is lovely. The grass SO green! And the planters are beautiful. Nice to see you settled.