Thursday, 15 May 2008

Spring 2008

Here is a slide presentation of my garden this spring.
Since we are moving I have done a clean up of the gardens but not the usual heavy work that is required.
I am sitting back and just appreciating the garden and the flowers.

The crabtrees are loaded with blossoms. John Downie is the name of the white one.
Pink Profusion the other. The redbud is covered with blossoms.
The "Betty" Magnolia is the prettiest ever.
With the colder than usual winter ,all the snow cover , no freeze and thaw cycle just stayed cold til spring , the garden has had lots of protection .
Moisture this spring from the snow cover and rain has been abundent.
Even the roses have suffered no winter burn and are sprouting leaves to the tips of their branches .
Can hardly wait for them to flower.
Tho I will miss this garden when we move at the end of June , I can hardly wait to start designing my new space.


Hendria said...

love your garden photos... :)

Rosanne said...

very nice!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

As usual, your pics are great.
I can't wait to see your new space either! (Online, that is)