Monday, 21 April 2008

Wing Chairs

I have had these 2 wing chairs for over 20 years .
Can you tell?
Was it the pink covering giving it away?
Decided to have them reupholstered . Used an upholsterer from Dorchester.
Shopped around found this nice pattern at Fabricland.
Deep Chocolate brown with a diamond pattern in cream with a wine and gold small flower motif.

Here they are finished, with a plain chair back. Bill even made arm covers for them.

The picture is not quite true to colour as they look lighter then they are.
I am very pleased with them, should work well with a cream damask love seat and chocolate brown leather couch in my new living room.


Rosanne said...

The chairs look great!

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice look. Love the fabric.

Hendria said...

lovely fabric.....they look great...