Saturday, 19 April 2008


Spring has well and truly arrived , although with the temperatures one could say summer. Just 2 weeks ago we still had lots of snow on the ground and only climbing to about 5 in the daytime. Friday the temp. reached 24 C.
Here are a few of the bulbs flowering. This one is called Tete d' Tete.

Large Narcissus

This spring because we are moving at the end of June find myself appreciating
more, all the plants starting their growth, yes there is still light maintenance , raking and light pruning and surprise even some weeding already but less of "I have to get this done" attitude more "smelling the roses " time.


Rosanne said...

The flowers look gorgeous!

With the warm temps, its so nice to have the windows open and let the fresh spring air in too! hard to believe just two weeks ago we we still covered in snow.

Kim and Victoria said...

It will be interesting to see what your garden will look like at your new home.