Thursday, 20 March 2008

Spring is Here!

It has finally arrived .
Spring,glorious spring!
At least on the calender.

Where are the signs?

Here on my window sill a lovely primrose.

Temperatures are still well below normal , we should be 6 C. in the day and right now -1. Very cold at night. Outside still snow.
Yes it is going, ever so slowly.

A robin has been spotted in the garden.
A red winged blackbird as well.
We still have lots of birds at the bird feeders.

One very hungry woodpecker.
Warm spring weather please hurry up!
On a positive note:
If it is Easter can real spring be far behind?
An Easter vignette, Easter egg cups , Easter tea towels and
a ceramic floral egg and decorative bunny egg.


Kim and Victoria said...

Love your spring images, even with snow in the background.

Rosanne said...

Is it spring? We had snow today!
Great pics, love them all!