Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Rocket Man Tour

Last night I was lucky enough to go see Elton John on his Rocket Man Tour.
I have loved his music for years .
Rosanne was able to get tickets for this sold out concert at the Kitchenr Aud, good seats too.
What a fantastic show!

There were 7000 people rocking the house.
Standing ovation after standing ovation .

Elton performed many of his most popular songs, Levon, I'm Still standing, Bennie and the Jets but also some of his lesser known tunes. He played solo piano pieces .
Blue'se numbers, rocking numbers, classical numbers and jazz.
He amazed me with his talent on the ivories.
There was no opening act just Elton and the piano. He played from 8 til 10:35, no break. He signed autographs from the stage for those lucky enough to get that close.

Truly wonderful musician .


Rosanne said...

It was so good!!!
I was sorry to see it end.

Kim and Victoria said...

Very cool! Sounds like it was one great concert.

Sherry said...

Looks like you had great seats!

Glad you enjoyed!