Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday, more baking! crafting!

Brianne and I made bread cool rise method started the dough Sunday.
Brianne hasn't made a yeast dough before.
Today we finished off with sticky Pecan Cinnamon rolls and dinner cloverleaf rolls.
getting started
risen just out of refrigerator;

ready to bake;

baked ready to devour;

Brittany and I painted and decorated birdhouses for the garden . A Victorian style and a Canadian one.
More pictures to follow when finally finished .

For supper we picked another recipe from Barefoot Contessa's At Home cookbook.
Garlic & Herb Tomatoes;
3 Tbsp. olive oil
2 tsp. minced garlic
2 pints cherry or grape tomatoes
2 TBSP. fresh basil(used dry)chopped
2 TBSP. fresh chopped parsley
2 tsp. fresh thyme leaves(used dry) chopped
1 tsps. salt(used sea salt)
1/4 tsp pepper
Heat oil in saute pan large enough to hold tomatoes in single layer. Add garlic to ooil cook over low heat 30 seconds, add tomatoes, basil, parsley, thyme salt and pepper. Reduceheat to low and cook 5 to 7 minutes stirring occasionally. Sprinkle with a little fresh parsley. Can be served hot ( as we had them) or room tempature.
So very good! especially in the mid winter!

some steamed broccoli
and meditterainean chicked breasts sauted . This combo with the fresh baked cloverleaf rolls was so good, besides being healthy.
The dessert was the sticky buns , not so healthy but oh so yummy.

Gramma is having fun!

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Everything looks really good!