Saturday, 23 February 2008


My "babysitting" is coming to an end.
Rosanne and Steve get back from Costa Rica Saturday night. I am going to miss the baking fun I have had with Brianne and Brittany.I will miss checking out all the cookbooks Rosanne has.
Friday was a PD day so the girls and I went for lunch at Applebee's , it is Brianne's favourite place . We had to celebrate her report card with the 94.5 % average. Not boasting am I?
We came home and then started baking again. Brianne made donuts
and Brittany made cream puffs.
I have never made either of these items so it was a learning adventure for us all. My Grannie on my Mom's side was a fabulous cook and baker and whenever she came to visit brought cream puffs.
I have always wanted to make them but was quite intimidated. Let me say not anymore. I will so be making these again , very easy.
Brittany filled hers with whipped cream and cherries and some had ice cream and sauce.
Brianne decorated her dounts with pink icing
and sprinkles and half were icing sugar and cinnamon
I probably will make donuts again but use a different recipe and hotter oil, this recipe came from Allrecipes , can't fault the recipe per se but just feel need to refine the method and recipe.
The cream puff recipe came from Robin Hood flour web site
and I will use it again, tho the waist line may not be able to stand it.


Rosanne said...

OH, more baking, the donuts and puffs look really good!
See you later today!

Kim and Victoria said...

Sounds great. I'm thinking of making some raised donuts today. You'll have to let us know how the Costa Rica trip went. (travel by proxy)