Saturday, 12 January 2008

Quiet? Reason!

Been rather quiet on the blog lately.
The reason, you ask?

We are selling our house and downsizing.
Getting ready to retire this year and play.
So I have been
busy getting the place show home perfect.
Is it?
It as good as it is going to get. Pooped me out.
The closets have never been so neat, towels folded neatly. Every surface gleams. Beds made up with sheets turned down just so.
Windows, for mid winter , are sparkling.
Fresh flowers. Scented candles. Nope haven't the scent of cookies baking yet.
Living like no one lives here is a pain already , and it has only been a week.
If this place takes a while to sell ( I think it will)going to get rather grouchy.
Had a showing already I was working so Bob went around putting down toilet seats and picking up things and generally making it look pretty.
No bites yet tho.
Hope it is a good sellars market this spring.


Rosanne said...

It is a pain, isn't it, to keep the house sparkling! But it will pay off hopefully sooner than later!

Hendria said...

moving is stressful...the cleaning...and the
good luck...with the sale.