Sunday, 16 December 2007

Snowy Sunday

Here is it not even officially winter yet in Canada and we are in the midst of our second major snow storm
Bob is clearing the back door step with the help of Buddy so we can at least get out of the house.
We have about 8 inches of snow and more is falling.
Since Bob is involved with the snow clearing I decided to get on Christmas baking.

First on the list a holiday mix of honey roasted nuts, pistachios, white chocolate , cranberries,and pumpkin seeds, very festive colours.Packaged them up in a tin and Santa jars.
Nexta tor ta , an appetizer I am taking on Christmas Day to Rosanne's it is cream cheese, Parmesan cheese , sun dried tomatoes , pesto and garlic layered and then chilled ,, I put it into a mold lined with saran
and then the best part of this it can be frozen, which I did.
Now what decided to try a new cookie recipe using cornflakes , pecans, coconut and egg white and sugar this did not turn out well.They taste good just don't like the look of them and they did brown too much on the bottom for me.
Cook them next time in a slower oven tho I did follow the recipe to the T.
Brown sugar fudge turned out well.
It is one of the families favourite treats I make.

Finally microwave peanut brittle.

Am I finished "baking"
oh no, still on the agenda, truffle mice, maid of honor tarts, crepes frangipane , pecan pie and raspberry almond coffee cake.
Still this is enough for today.
How many days left til Christmas?


Hendria said...

you have been really busy...they all look great.

Rosanne said...

Ohhh, it all looks really good!

Kim and Victoria said...

Can we have the recipes for the holiday nut mix and for the torta? They look great! Love all your snow, at least from here it looks great.

Calvin said...

is that the fudge that is my favorite?