Thursday, 1 November 2007

Trick or Treater

My one scary trickster.

He is a 1930's gangster.
Where do kids come up with these things?


Kim and Victoria said...

Great costume. Reminds me of that TV show The Untouchables. My parents wouldn't allow us to watch it, which of course, just made us want to watch it even more!

Sherry said...

He was so pleased with his costume - wants to wear it again when he has to dress up to go out!!! He had a great time on Halloween!

Anonymous said...

The little one is not yet worthy of even a felt fedora. To wear the fedora is an honor allowed only for the techies. Tak all the time you want trying to find out what a true techie is. Maybe that boy is a techie in training. Then a plastic one may suit him.