Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Congrats Brock!

Brock is now a referee!
Brock is my oldest grandson.
He took an all day course on Saturday and passed with flying colours.
He is now able to ref Tikes and Atom hockey games.
Here he is in his uniform looking very offical.
with the Great One in the background.
Here he is whistling down a play.
Okay not on ice yet.
Could be the start of an NHL career!
Way to go Brock!


Sherry said...

Brock will be really pleased to see this posted!! Will make sure he views!
He is so excited - I will have to watch his first game & take pics....and smack anyone who bad-mouths him from the bleachers!!!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

Congrats to Brock! He looks very handsome!

Rosanne said...

How great for Brock!