Saturday, 6 October 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

It is Thanksgiving in Canada .
Time for turkey and pumpkin pie.
Time to count ones blessings.
What do I have to be thankful for?
Wonderful family,good friends, good job,good health,nice home, living in a safe country.
Am I having turkey this weekend? No.
We will be celebrating Thanksgiving next weekend as both my daughters are busy this weekend. Sherry's business is organizing and running
demolition derbys at the fall fairs , this is the busiest weekend. Rosanne's husband Steve is very involved in organizing the Lions Club hall for Oktoberfest in Kitchener the biggest beer fest outside of Munich.

So we celebrate next Sunday ,after all the date is not important the gathering of family is.

One other thing I am grateful for is the fabulous
weather we are having in this part of the country,it
has been unseasonal warm.
So the garden is still looking quite nice,
the mums and geraniums still beautiful, as they should be but also flowering is cannas and morning glories looking better and better as well as nasturtiums . We are having lots of sunshine, hardly any rain, temperature is about 26 C. 17 C. last night.
We haven't had a killing frost yet. The farmers almanac is saying October 24th will be a killing frost.
We will see.
At the apple farm I visit ,they are
waiting for a frost to bring out the best flavour in the Northern Spy apples. I am waiting for a frost to bring out the sweetness in the pumpkins we grew so I can make pumpkin pie this week.
Considering I don't like winter and snow,the fact I am hoping for frost makes me smile.

I am also starting to decorate for Halloween, do you think it is too early to start putting up Christmas decorations while the weather is so nice?
Just joking!


Kim and Victoria said...

Love your fall pics. I just put out a couple of pumpkins for decor today. Last night I made your potato/leek soup. Tasted great!

Kim and Victoria said...

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Rosanne said...

I love your pics too!