Thursday, 13 September 2007

Garden in September

What a lovely time of the year. A favourite season.
Autumn days are crystalline clear, warm with cool nights.
Bright golden sun today.
Our tempature today is going to be 22C. last night 9C.
Great sleeping weather with the window opened just a bit.
We have finally had adequate rain over the last few weeks and the gardens and grass reflect that.
Putting a a great show this year are sedums. The grasses too are quite lush.
In the early spring planted some flowering kale they still need a frost to bring out the best colours.
I have planted for next spring some icicle pansies. They make such a good show in the early spring. amazing how they survive through our harsh winter.


Rosanne said...

Looks good!

Kim and Victoria said...

Love your sedums, and kale and asters. I'll post my tag (thanks) ASAP.