Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Things I like:Stair basket,

love mine, Rosanne gave this one to me, it came from Basketville in Venice Florida. The convenience of a container to help lug little things up and down stairs ,still looks nice and I don't trip over stuff.

Bath and Body works foaming antibacterial soap and body lotion , Rosanne got me hooked on this product use it in the bathroom and in the kitchen . Love the lemon verbena scented one. Kitchen herb is nice too.

Will be stocking up on our annual US. shopping trip this fall.

Sherry suggested this product from the Body Shop . I have very dry skin especially in the winter. The fragrance of cocoa butter is a favourite. Works so well just after a warm bath to slather it on damp skin.

I have 5 of these little candles Shirley my cousin uses these in every window in her home I use them in the bedroom windows ,kitchen and to light a dark stairway. I love to come home on a dark winter night to see these little lights brightening up my home and welcoming me back .

Don't use them in the summer months except one, in the guest bedroom,which is kept on day and night in memory of my father and my daughter Nicci.

A light in the window.


Kim and Victoria said...

I've never seen quite this type of electric candle. I bought some (another type) last year for the holidays and really enjoyed them.

Kim and Victoria said...

Oh, and I love the Nut Cocoa butter from the Body Shop. My skin is dry all the time, so I use it a lot.

Rosanne said...

Love them all too Mom!