Saturday, 21 July 2007

Blast from the past

Daughter Sherry went to Guelph University , her friend and roommate Ramona,
from those days,sent her this from the student newspaper. Hard to believe it was so long ago 1989.Sherry is in the middle.
This pic and story were in the University newspaper;
From the Attic Uncle Arthur's Suitcase;
This photo of Career Services Peer Helpers Jeanette Vander Zaag, Sherry Hudson, and Ramona Snyders, dressed as fortune tellers, appeared in the November 1989 issue of “Uncle Arthur’s Suitcase.” According to Uncle Arthur, Peer Helpers across the program prepared displays and presentations to assist other Peers in becoming more familiar with services offered to University of Guelph students. Seventeen years have passed... I wonder what our fortune teller Peer Helpers are doing today?

Do you have old photos or memorabilia to share with Uncle Arthur? If so, please forward scanned versions to and we'll be sure to include them in future issues
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