Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Watched Hells Kitchen last season and have watched the first 2 episodes this season.Love the idea of watching the behind scenes in a high class restaurant.
Wondered if Ramsay could get any nastier , he did.If I had to work in a kitchen do not think I could take the verbal abuse.
Finding the negativity not worth my time to watch anymore.

Canadian Idol has just started, still in the interview stage.
Next week the Toronto stage where the cuts come.
The choices the judges picked this time seem very talented , the addition of instruments, guitars,piano, violin allowed should make it even more interesting.

So far for summer viewing So You Think You Can Dance has me enthralled. The different styles of dance,the wide variety of personalities,quality dancers
and the different routines to be learned every week make for enjoyable TV.

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Rosanne said...

I like CI and love SYTYCD! Can't wait for this week's shows!