Sunday, 20 May 2007

Victoria Day Weekend and Birthdays

Victoria Day Weekend!
Spent Saturday in Kitchener celebrating Brittany , 12 years old granddaughter, and Steve's, ?yrs old son -in-law, birthdays at Rosanne and Steve's home.

It was a warm sunny day , we sat outside on the deck.
Admiring the gardens and flowers . Lilacs were in bloom and the scent wafted across the lawn.
Rosanne had some in her front hall and the sweet
fragrance filled the home as you entered.
Rosanne and Steve have made some interesting pots up that dotted the landscape.

The Grandkids played badminton on the lawn
and also managed to get some computer time in as well.
Brittany played 3 songs on the piano, she is becoming very accomplished .

Hockey teams Ottawa and Buffalo were playing the semi final game in the afternoon , so the media room was used for some of the day to keep us (the men,okay mostly Bob and Lorne)informed re winner. Ottawa is on to the finals. Would we be Canadian if we didn't have hockey on the same weekend as "summer" officially starts?

As usual food in abundance.
Rosanne had made appetizers , fresh strawberries , watermelon, red pepper dip, cream cheese with garlic jelly and crackers and Mom made a warm
Asiago cheese dip with Calabrese bread , yummy! The recipe has been copied and is being sent to all the family.
Black currant Cosmos were served to the ladies , I only had 2 very powerful , so good,guys were into the beer.

Steve BBq'ed on his new grill.
Since it is Victoria Day weekend the
menu reflected summertime with BBQ'ed;
bratwurst, chicken , hamburgers and hotdogs, lots of salads;
potato salad, Greek salad, 6 cup salad,pesto cheese grape tomato salad, to top off the dinner Sherry made a butter pecan birthday cake with maple icing , served with vanilla ice cream . The adults topped off the meal with a wonderful dessert wine from Niagara by Konzelman winery , a Reisling Traminer , so good, light , fruity and not too sweet .

Brittany's presents were lots of clothes , mainly pink in colour, Cd's and Sims game.
Steve got lots of Mash DVD's and an I-pod Nano , case etc.

I shared some plants with Steve and Rosanne 2 very nice daylilies a double wine called Wally and a very large flowering yellow called Happy Returns, a gooseneck loosestrife and a blue grass, in turn they shared black eyed Susan, purple coneflower and some monarda with me. I can never seem to keep these alive and yet in their garden masses of them.

Drove home around 7 into a gentle rain , good for the gardens!

All and all,it was a wonderful party and a great way to start the summer season.