Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thoughts on news. Tv , life

Sad that in this country a 14 year old boy is shot to death at school.

What can be done about this waste? Are there answers?
Problems in this country should be addressed first before government involves itself in other countries(Afganistan/Africa), wasting time on same sex marriage and other silly issues (hockey)
ignoring the real problems in this one.

Infrastructure, education , jobs and poverty should be the focus.Simplistic I know .

On a lighter subject this has been the week Tv winds up many of their series.

Jericho was very good but is not renewed for next year, at least it ended not leaving us totally in limbo .Wondered when Gerald McRaney was killed if that was a portent.

Am Idol had a very good year , quality contestants, the finale an hour too long. It was almost an after thought to find out who won , happy that Jordin did. Bette Midler was one of the stars

singing (if you can call it that) but again the "big" stars were not necessary nor was the "Big Yellow Bird" lady what an embarrassment to herself. The sparring between Ryan and Simon should be stopped , is that an example of how people should treat each other. This is a show young people watch and it should be set to a higher standard.

Lost which was a pain this year to find let along watch with the storyline gone somewhere!~ Finally in the last show the writers got their act together. Excellent adventure. Who is in the coffin? My choices Boone or Ben. Kate is married to Sawyer and I really think it was a flash forward.

Will be interesting to see if I am right.

Dancing with the Stars was very good this year with lots of excellent dancers.

Apolo won tho it could have be Laila or Joey. Will watch this show again.

Survivor lost me this year too much same old.

Amazing Race loved it tho not as much as usual(want tougher challenges again)
, still of all the reality shows it is quality and broadens people view of the world.

Will watch Can Idol. and So you think you can dance.Not sure I will watch a lot else tho. Reality is wearing for me and can you believe Big Brother is back . Horrible show.

Heroes is a great show and ended with main characters being blown up . Will they be back sure will.

All the CSI's are good well maybe not Miami but the scenery there is beautiful.

Bones an underrated show. Prison Break love Wentworth Miller.

Do you think I watch way too much Tv?


Lastly on a personal note I have taken a couple of days off this week to garden and one to gallivant with my daughters and Mother , more to follow on where we go: gardening is so relaxing , wears me out , muscles hurt that I did not know I have, still the satisfaction I get is well worth it.

Did anyone notice the change in my retirement countdown ? Now under 500 days into the 400's.That is because I am rethinking the last day , wonder if I will change it again. Hard to stay motivated when one sees an end.

Bought 2 649 tickets for Saturday night the prize is 27 million , gosh could I retire early on that amount?

You betcha!

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