Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Reality TV

I am a reality tv junkie , of course I only watch the quality ones. :-)
Sunday night after Amazing Race , which is the best reality show, and seeing the gay guys eliminated , I just could not bring myself to watch Desperate Housewives again , storyline has become so predictable. I was flicking around and came upon Gene Simmons Family Jewels.When first heard about this show thought no way would I ever watch it. Gene Simmons seems so sleazy to me with the porn stars and the bimbo showgirls draped over him and the pride with which he claims to have slept ( had sex) with so many women.Plus he married a Playboy bunny to boot .2 spoiled mixed up kids as well.Just thought another bad show about people who luckily have too much and huge egos.
I paused long enough to see Gene and wife Shannon going into the mansion with heads bandaged , both had facelifts.The antics that then ensued where very funny. I ended up watching 2 hours of this show. They were very amusing and even tho it is scripted/staged, a good part of it,I was laughing out loud at some of the things they did. Kids are not spoiled , they really seem to like each other, there was no negativity. One show Shannon tricked Gene into a spa weekend , he thought just a weekend for the 2 of them , ended up with separate rooms, no Tv and very restricted food,
and he had to lose 5 pounds before she would have sex with him . Very funny.
Gene, then went to a porn convention where he got a golden tongue award( he does have an unusual tongue)and women draped all over him, but very clearly the public persona and the private person 2 very different people.
Try this show see what you think.
Last thought on another show Survivor, used to love it this year I have only flicked on commercial to see what is happening.Has it stayed on too long , become too predictable? I think the season that I gave up on this show was the ethnic one. I was not perturbed by the races being clumped together I thought it was a good idea, but it just did not last long enough in separate units and the contestants lately are not people I care about . Unsympathetic I can't feel any empathy for them.

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