Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Melange of Thoughts

Quote of the day;
"I know I do not give enough to charities,but I am counting on Oprah to take up the slack."

Watched Amer. Idol last night , Jordin, Blake and Melinda were all good.
I would like to see Melinda and Jordin in the top 2 with Jordin winning but think it will be Melinda who takes it. Wondering if the ladies will split the vote and Blake will make it through to top 2.

Loving Dancing with the Stars this year, the quality of the competitors is high. Sorry to see Ian out but glad Laila is still in. Thinking Apolo will take it.

2 other Cd's I am enjoying right now Jann Arden 's Uncover Me, Bring the Boys Home, At Seventeen, Counterfeit Heart all excellent but the favourite cut for me Solitaire. Loved Neil Sedaka's version of this song loved it when The Carpenters sang it but Jann does it best .
Love watching her interviewed she is so funny and genuine.

Don't ordinarily like compleation CD's but picked up Grammy nominees
2007 also quite good most of the cuts.
Dixie Chicks, John Legend, John Mayer,James Blunt and Corinne Bailey Rae, 2 that stood out for me Natasha Bedingfield and Keane.


Rosanne said...

I agree with your comments on both AI and Dancing. Did you see that both So You Think You Can Dance and Canadian Idol start around the 24th?

Rosanne said...

Cn you believe Melinda is gone!?