Monday, 28 May 2007


One starts blogging as a way to share with family and friends pictures and events in one's life , a way to stay in touch on a more frequent basis.
Blogging helps a Grandparent relate to the grandkids on their level.
But then before you know it blogging becomes " the
beast that must be fed."
All at once you find you have to be interesting , witty, editorial, a photographer, a creative writer ........................OMG!
You start to take your camera everywhere and take so many pictures.
You look at you daily life in terms of "would this make an interesting story for my blog".
You search for quotes, cartoons anything to post.
All of a sudden you have to post everyday.
It HAS become an addiction.

Welcome to my world I am an addict ! thank goodness this is a gentle addiction! :-=


Kim and Victoria said...

So true! What I need is a smaller camera so I can feed my addiction more discreetly.

Rosanne said...

Yep, I'm an addict blogging, pogo......