Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Back from Vacation

Drove back from Florida last week on Thursday and Good Friday.
Only a few traffic tieups due to road construction in Knoxville and west of Atlanta.
The best drive was thru Tennessee, spring there, with the Smokies covered in white dogwood and mauve pink redbud, and yellow daffodils. The spring green of some trees contrasted with the dark green . Picture perfect.
Got to West Lorne and then snow on the ground Yuck!
So easy to get used to 85 degree days 60 at night ,sun every day, blue skies and no rain.Here are some pics of Mom's beautiful place in Venice . A dinner party she gave. The deck I spent alot of time sitting on reading in the sun.

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Rosanne said...

I wish you brought the weather back with you!