Thursday, 29 March 2007


Well I am living la vida loca here in Venice Florida,
the weather has been exceptional dry, warm and sunny temps are 85 daytime and 61 or 2 at night.

The pic on the left is the grapefruit tree in Mom's back yard , the fruit is pink and very sweet not a bit of tartness.
The pic on the right is Sharkeys pier on Venice beach.
The pic in the center is Marker 4 a great place to eat , nice locale right on the water , had crab cake sandwich, one of the best!

I have a tan! Been swimming most every day the park has a saltwater heated pool.
The neighbours friendly , lots of activities here to enjoy.
Of course I have been shopping at Bealls, Ross' and TJ Maxx, good bargains to be had, espeically on seniors day at Bealls.
T shirt cotton quality if far superior to ours. Shortening pants as I go as well even tho I am buying petites still too long for my short legs.
I have also been visiting some of the restaurants around here. Doing my own survey on the different Key Lime pies.
Mother and I went to a neat little tea room called If Teacups Could Talk, victorian in style, food is very good and the key lime pie there comes in second on my best of list.
Bottom of the list is the Myakka River Oyster Bar pie no lime taste at all tho their beer battered shrimp is superb.
Another nice ladies place to go is Le Petit Jardin, a French style creperie, Crepes are so good but the Key Lime pie comes in third , again lacking in the limey taste.
Top of the list is the grocery store Publix Key Lime Pie it has the big flavour I look for.
A chain here I find the food very good at is Applebees, had a Black Angus burger with salsa and salad yummy.! Liking Bob Evans for the breakfast nothing better.
But no I am not just eating and shopping , been to a movie, saw Wild Hogs too funny.
Been reading Rita Mae Brown, Sour Puss, quite cute mystery but a bit preachy. the best book so far is Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag, so very good, Cathereine Coulter Point Blank, not as good as some of hers, and James Patterson, Judge and Jury which again very good.
Will be bringing them home to share with everyone, most of the family are big readers. I love mysteries the best tho.
Only one more week to go for vacation but it has been a nice break to take a month off. So the outdoors is calling now !

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Rosanne said...

Sounds like a very relaxing vacation! Love your pics! And I can't wait to see your purchases!