Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Well the weather has finally warmed up instead of -20 we are above zero during the day.
Spring can it be far behind!
Okay it is a while yet.
At least I can start planning the spring garden.
Have you noticed the days are getting longer? A sure sign!

Re my weight loss still working at it down 32 pounds since August.
40 pounds from my highest weight. 15 more to go.
Hoping by next fall will be there.
Have a shopping trip planned for October and it would be nice to be able to get some new clothes as well as getting some early Xmas presents.

Heading to Florida in March , sun, warm breezes and no snow!
Relaxation is the top priority .Retail therapy as well. Some painting of the artistic kind too. A whole month too !

I have been busy doing some early spring cleaning prior to going away .
I have a floral arrangement to make for Pam at work to do, my second commission! Perhaps a new career!
A spring gardening article to write for the ICU in house newsletter.
Some gardens to plan for a friend "Linda" and my daughter Sherry, may have to do some planning on vacation.
Going to dinner at Sherry's this weekend and the whole family Rosanne and her gang will be there too , so looking forward to seeing everyone.

Seems like a busy February but it is such a long "short " month in the mid of winter.

Rambled on enough for now

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Rosanne said...

A second commission,, that's great! You should take pics and post them!